Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Year for Lasts

This year, I realized will be a year of lasts- so to speak. Bethany started 6th grade. Her school is an intermediate school and only attended by 5th/6th graders. Next year, my baby will officially be in middle school. Even as I sit here typing this post I just can't believe it. She and I both had a realization shock last week when riding past the High School she will attend I say, "Do you realize in 3 years you will be in high school?!" She apparently hadnt given much thought to the idea with her "nuh uh" response. I proceeded to inform her "yes you will. 6th, 7th, 8th. Then high school." At that moment it hit and we gave each other horrifying looks. She can't be this old. The baby girl i used to watch sleep at night. The one I took pictures of with baby food all over her face in her high chair. The one I cried for on her first day of "big kid school". The baby girl who I didn't think was old enough for anything. But she is. And no matter how much I hate it or wish I could freeze time... It still ticks on.


As for Miss McKenzie, she begins her first week of 4k at her much loved daycare. She has been with these amazing ladies since she was 6 weeks old. They have been an amazing part of her life and I am thankful for them. She has known none other than them every day all her life to this point. They know her personality, her likes and dislikes, what she eats an doesn't- you name it. This place is her second home. But as her little life presses on, this too will. This time next year we will be dropping her off at "big school". I dread the thought. I'm not even sure I will be able to handle it. I can barely think about it much less handle it! She says she is ready but I can assure you, she will miss this place. The ladies she loves and her little friends she's known day in and day out since she was tiny. The little friends she grew up with. Her best friends as she calls them. And next year will begin a new year for many adventures, and friends to come!


Yep. This is a year of 'lasts' for us. So we are gonna make all the memories we can this year!