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Addilyn is THREE!

I know I am a few posts behind so bear with me as I play catch up the next few days! That being said, Last Sunday, I had a shoot downtown with a cute lil blonde who just happens to be turning THREE! Oh my, where has the time gone?! I remember shooting her Mommy's maternity session like it was yesterday! Then her hospital session, newborn...1st birthday...2nd. Yep. I adore this little Miss. She is only up for her sessions for oh about 15 min so we hav eto get it while the gettin's good as they say! I would have to say, she did a fatastic job! Did I mention it was COLD! So, here she is... Miss Addilyn, the 3 year old!

Happy Heart Day

As I scrolled through Facebook a few minutes ago, I saw a post from a friend that reminded me of something I in fact told my own husband when we started dating 8 years ago: "Don't ever buy me flowers on Valentine's Day." And in 8 years...he hasn't. Now, I love a sweet sursie on V-Day as much as the next girl don't get me wrong, but I have to be honest in saying that I would much rather get something I'll enjoy a whole lot more than flowers that, although they are pretty, will be long gone in a week. And no I don't mean a box of candy either. Dinner is always a nice idea, however, dinner out on Valentines day?! Get real. Not unless you want to wait for hours on a table, which I don't. Last year I got a massage. Amazing Valentine's Day gift idea, props to him for that one! Yes, technically after an hour it was long gone too but at it felt wonderful while it was happening. And I know it's terrible but as much as I needed it, I waited 6 months…

Winter Storm 2014, x2

Yikes! Another winter storm here in South Carolina. Twice within 2 weeks. Did I mention how much I am NOT a cold weather person?! Well in case you wern't aware, I'm not. Of course what kid doesn't love a snow day? Mine are no exception. And I do love playing with them for a little bit for a day, maybe two. A few minutes of snow playing then this mama is ready to cuddle up with a warm blanket, and maybe some hot cocoa with the girls. Maybe its my Southern roots. Lets face it, here in the south we are just not used to this kind of weather. Give me the warm sunny weather any day! Sure hope Mother Nature plans to bring on the Spring time soon! So, heres a recap of home from the last winter storm we had, just 2 weeks ago!


As I peeked at this beauty through the viewfinder on my camera during yesterdays session, I could barely believe she is already 15! I remember holding this girl just days after she was born. And stunning? Yes she defenitely is just that. Maybe I am biased because she is my baby sister. It's true. I have a 15 year old sister. And what a sweetheart she is. Go ahead and scroll on down... see for yourself!