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Charleston Fall Fashion

One of my absolute favorite things about living in Charleston is being able to work with such fashionable people! Charleston is filled with fashion bloggers and enthusiast  and I have had the pleasure of shooting and getting to know many of them! I can say that most of them I have gotten to know so well that I would even go as far as to call them friends. So I was super excited when Kelsey emailed me last week! She had just moved to Charleston a few weeks ago and was looking for a photographer to shoot for her blog. We met and shot, and instantly clicked! Go on and see for yourself what we created...  Keep an eye out for more of her on my blog because she will definitely be appearing here again! And while you're at it, Check out her blog Chasing Cinderella for yourself!

Beauty in the Streets! {Charleston Photography}

"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful." - Sophia Loren
Another beautiful shoot in the streets of Mount Pleasant, SC