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Sisters, Love, & Graduation!

I had the opportunity to meet two amazing young ladies a few weeks ago. They were stunning & not to mention hilarious! Two sisters, both in the graduating class of 2014. Big sister will be a college graduate of 2014 while baby sister will be a high school graduate of 2014. I thought 'what a special thing that both sisters could celebrate their accomplishments together!'. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to capture these ladies for this special time.

I am so excited for these ladies and can not wait until we shoot again!

Beach Recipe { Photoshop }

One of my favorite things to say is "Photoshop is my best friend." And it is so true. Yes, I am truly thankful for my artistic talent & camera eye, however, I'll be the first to admit that photoshop is an amazing thing. I have tons of people ask me often what editing program I use for my images. I have decided to include in the blog some of my "editing recipes". I currently use Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 + Little Lusker Photoshop Actions. These 2 programs have taken my image vision to a whole new level and I am ready to share it with you. So, here is my first editing recipe!

• Sweet Light action, 100% • Vivid action, 75% • Dodge body @ 30%, Burn around body @ 30% • Luminous Light, 100% • Sharpen up So! There you have it for this image. What do you think? { I am in no way, shape, or form associated with or paid by Adobe or Little Lusker for this blog post. This is simply how I use these programs for my image editing. }