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The Rowell's - 30+ Years!

I will start by saying I was so honored to shoot this amazing couple for this session. When Betty booked me for the shoot, she told me that in over 30+ years of marriage to her high school love, they have NEVER had portraits done of themselves together. I felt a tremendous amount of honor flow through me as she chose me to capture these special images. 
We meet at a local park and planned for just a quick mini shoot as they didn't want anything too much. "Just a few pictures we can give to our children & family" she said. And even though it was going to be just a quick session, I had all intentions of capturing the most amazing shots they would treasure for 30+ more years! That didn't take much effort on my part I must say. I saw right away exactly what made them perfect for each other. The laughter & love these 2 shared was so inspirational. You could feel the love they have for each other all around and it poured into their images the same way. 
So 30 year…