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Tasty Treats: Arctic Zero!

My kids are ice cream obsessed. That is seriously the one treat I have to keep at all times. And they don't care if it's summer or winter- they gotta have it! So it's really important for me to find frozen treats that are healthy for my mini me's! I was super excited to be introduced to these new flavors from  Arctic Zero!

These delicious treats are: • low glycemic  • lactose free • gluten free • GMO free

The finest quality of whey protein is used in these amazing treats. Coming from a GMO free region, it is hormone free & ultra filtered removing lactose.

For just the right amount of sweetness, Arctic Zero uses organic cane sugar, harvested and milled daily in sunny Florida. 

Arctic Zero uses natural plant based flavors to give these yummy treats their unique taste! 
Head over to the Arctic Zero website asap for a retailer near you and go snag these delicious frozen treats!
* This post was sponsored by Arctic Zero *