Saturday, February 14, 2015

Charleston Charm

Charleston SC is so rich in charming homes. Downtown you can find the most amazing homes that just make you want to say "Can I please have look inside?" The architecture of these homes are simply stunning and although some are similar in style, they are all different. Each home downtown has it's own personality and history.  I love spending days roaming these city streets capturing such beauty these homes have to offer. I always try to research the homes I capture in photographs if I can find them and see how they have changed over the last 100+ years (depending on the homes circa). I am a bit of a history buff so looking at the historic images of these homes is astounding. Of course there are some that no matter how high or low I search I just can't find any history. So for those, we just enjoy the present state. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do!

Josiah Smith House, 7 Meeting Street, circa 1785

The George Robertson House, 1 Meeting Street, circa 1846

(Photo source Unknown)

Col. John Algernon Sydney Ashe House, 
26 South Battery Street, circa 1853
Served as Headquarters for Union general John Porter Hatch during the Civil War

(Photo source unknown)

Villa Margherita, 4 South Broad Street, circa 1930

The Colonel John Ashe House, South Battery Street 
circa 1782 

34 South Battery Street

30 South Battery Street, circa 1860 &
28 South Battery Street, circa 1860

8 Meeting Street, circa 1806

Murray Blvd House

Murray Blvd Mansion