Saturday, July 7, 2012

Beach'n It

{ Vacation: Day 3 }
One of the best things about where we live is the fact that Myrtle Beach is only 1.5 hrs ( 1 hr if Jason is driving, which he was). This makes it perfect for a day trip for catching some rays, a shopping trip, dinner, or a quick getaway to just hangout. It's also great for times when we wanna take the kids on a min vacay for a night or a few days, but don't want to travel too far, which is just what we did this week.

We decided (since lets face it, it was a holiday weekend) to leave about 8. We wanted to get there early enough to get a good spot, both parking and the beach. Traveling to the beach is way different nowadays compared to when Jason and I used to go. We'd grab a pair of towels and hit it. Now we have chairs, extra towels, extra clothes, snacks, cooler, toys, umbrella, cameras, hats/sunscreen... Shall I go on?! Nah you get the picture. So we hit the beach about 9:15, loaded up with sunscreen ( I will let you in on a secret for those of you that don't know, Targets Up&Up spray sunscreen SPF 50 for kids works perfect!) and let the sun fun begin! Given this would be McKenzie's actual first time on the beach, we were a little worried of how she would react. Couldn't keep her out of the "o-shan"! I must say she kept her daddy on his toes and running the whole time. We had to make her take a break and sit in the shade for a bit. Bethany occupied herself mostly by sittin' in the shade building sand objects. Not really 'castles', just anything that crossed her mind. Jason and I took advantage of McKenzie's rest/ snack break and played a little 'catch'. I'm not sure what the game is actually called.. You know the one with the flat velcro mit type deals strapped to your hand and you use it to catch the tennis ball.. You know the game.. Yea that one.
While out in the water, we noticed a school of dolphins riding the waves just a few feet from where we were playing. Jason and I thought it was pretty awesome, as did the rest of the beach bums around us. Everybody just stopped and stared... except my girls, the could've cared less.

We wrapped up the day about 2 to head back to the homestead. Wouldn't you know it, as we reached the outskirts of MB, traffic backed up for an hour. As we came closer to the reason for the holdup we realized it was a horrible 3 car accident. As we passed what was left of these cars, I quickly shot up prayers... and lots of them. We finally made it home and all raced to the showers. Thats the one thing I HATE hate hate about beach day trips! Driving home all sandy- and having to vacuum my Jeep the next day... or Jason having to vacuum my Jeep is more like it. To be honest, I'd prob drive it around for days, sand and all. No problem. And the "salt air hair"?! Yea I hate that too. Anyhoo, we decided it would be a pizza kinda night because I was NOT about to cook. I knew I shouldn't enduldge on such a food full of greasy goodness, but I couldnt resist. And it was delish. So we made it through McKenzies first beach trip. Shes already (yes you heard that right, she) is already planning the next one.

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