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Seaside Inn, Sanibel Island Florida

This is probably going to sound quite sad, but prior to our recent trip to Sanibel Isle Florida, my husband and I had not taken a vacation without the kids alone since our honeymoon 7 years ago. Life gets in the, family, yada yada. So this year I decided to make all that change. I love to travel. I grew up traveling. It's in my blood to travel. My husband..not so much. But I knew with all the stresses of life, he and I needed a getaway! ASAP. Florida is one of my absolute favorite states. I lived in Key West once upon a time for 3 years and I fell in love way back then. I am also one to try new places when I travel, not just go to the same place over and over, even though I do have my favorites to revisit occasionally! Sanibel Island. I spotted this beauty online and that was it! Such a tropical little island full of seaside beauty. Also known for its shells! After making the "where to" decision, I decided upon the Seaside Inn for lodging because it appeared to be a quite, tranquil hotel with as their logo reads, "olde island charm". Just what we needed!

We arrived about an hour early from our check in time of 3pm, but decided to head into the registration office anyway. Our room was already cleaned so they were kind enough to let us go ahead in since we had just driven 9 hours. As we made our way to our room, the hotel grounds certainty did not disappoint. The rooms surround the palm tree lined, heated outdoor pool and the beach was towards the back. Everything was so beautifully landscaped and clean!

Once we were in our room, I was pleasantly surprised! The room was equipped with a miniature kitchen stocked with everything we needed for our time there, as far as kitchenware goes that is (plates, cups, glasses, bowls, cutlery). We also had a toaster and coffee pot because who can live without that? In the mini fridge we found a basket full of breakfast goodies for the following morning. 

Our room had a pool view, which was nice for enjoying our breakfast basket and coffee the following morning on the balcony. 

The next morning we headed straight to the beach! The hotel provides beach loungers and umbrellas which was so nice. We sat for a few hours, played in the ocean like school kids, then headed for the pool. The hotel also provides beach towels and pool floats! How convenient! 

At the end of our trip, we were able to squeeze in some time to ride the bicycles provided by the hotel! They had various sizes and styles to choose from..even those with baby seats and trailers attached! We took a ride down to the Sanibel Lighthouse (more on that beauty to come!). I enjoyed the quite peaceful ride down the tropical streets with the sounds of nature flowing around me. 

Sadly, our trip ended in what felt like way to soon! Should you ever find yourself planning a trip to Sanibel Island Florida, and I highly recommend you do, I definitely recommend you check out the Seaside Inn. You wont be disappointed! 


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