Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 - Behind The Scenes!

Happy New Years! I am so thankful & blessed for a pretty amazing 2016. I have had the most fantastic clients a photographer could ask for, met some truly awesome people, and had the most amazing business opportunities I would have NEVER imagined would cross my path. So, I'm not making any NY resolutions this year, only goals for an even better 2017!

Some might think my shoots are all fun & games... and they're right! I always have the nicest, most laid back clients (to date) and that makes for a killer shoot. We laugh, we joke, sometimes we dance, sometimes we act silly, and sometimes we even cry (well, the little ones anyway).. But one things for sure- we always create magic. Here are just a few behind the scene looks from 2016. Here's to an amazing 2017!

Gettin' silly with it!

Sometimes it takes a little time to warm up to the situation..

Sometimes we get distracted..

When Daddy does silly things to make you laugh and then... you're DONE!

However many it takes to get the shot!

#HolyCityChicks September Behind the Scenes with The Charleston Weekender!

Behind the scenes of Bridal Shoot for Emily Kotarski Bridal

 #HolyCityChicks August shoot with The Charleston Weekender

 #HolyCityChicks November behind the scenes!


When the sun is KILLER so your assistant, along with the bridal assistants, 
help you out with that!

When your furry brother shows you love!

That time I followed Adam ( I Got Legs ) around and captured the top images, 
and turned them into the bottom image. 

Thankful for the Mom's that snap ME behind the scenes!

I can't wait to see you all again in 2017!

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