Saturday, May 9, 2015

Broad Street Beauty { Charleston SC Travel Photography }

A few weeks ago, as I usually do, I went out for an exploration and shoot session of this amazing city of ours, Charleston. I try and get downtown from across the bridge in Mt Pleasant as much as I can to capture this historic place full of iron gates, vibrant colors, and cobblestone streets. I am always amazed at the fact that every time I head downtown, even if I go to the exact same spot, I can always shoot something different that I missed before! This go 'round I found a spot to park on a side street off of Broad Street. I hadn't shot this way before so I decided it was a good place that day! I was lucky enough to get there as the sun was setting for some amazing shots (totally not planned, but I thankful for it!). As I look back at my car on the way up the street, I get my first shot...

Approaching Broad, I could see the amazing
This is one of my favorite structures in Charleston and you can obviously see why! I will more than likely head back down that way and get more shots of this church at different angles. 
So amazing. 


 Then there is the John Rutledge House Inn. I have never been in this place but I can't lie when I say I am dying to! Definitely on my "to do" list. The bright exterior colors are so beautiful in itself, and the sunset that fell on this Inn made it even more stunning. Um yea, definitely going to be heading inside soon!

The The Governor's House Inn was also on my way up the street. This was actually an awesome find for me because I honestly did not know it existed. This will most likely be on my list of re-visits (not sure if that is a real word but you get the idea). Check out their website, The inside looks pret-ty freaking amazen'. 

There is so much beauty found on Broad and this post doesn't not even begin to touch it! Yes, this will be another shoot spot for me in the future. I don't think I could get enough of this stunning street!

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